Supporting the Patient Care Team for Improving Outcomes Resources and efficacy studies of the Vasc-Alert solution


Vasc-Alert Clinical Overview

Doctor Lalathaksha Kumbar, Section Head, Interventional Nephrology, Division of Nephrology, Henry Ford HospitalDr. Lalathaksha Kumbar
Section Head, Interventional Nephrology, Division of Nephrology
Henry Ford Hospital

Clinical Introduction to Vasc-Alert by Dr. Kumbar
The science behind Vasc-Alert

Clinical Application of Vasc-Alert by Dr. Kumbar
Explores the physiology and biomechanics underlying two case studies.

Vasc-Alert Basics

Introduction to Vasc-Alert
The concepts and data used in Vasc-Alert surveillance reporting.

Introduction to the Vasc-Alert Access Risk Score
This podcast explains how the risk score uses the data derived by the Vasc-Alert analysis to prioritize the patients on alert.

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