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The Right Care at the Right Time

Vasc-Alert Can Help You Provide The Right Care At the Right Time

Vasc-Alert is a vascular access surveillance system that can help dialysis care givers provide the right care at the right time by:

  • Identifying patients with at-risk vascular accesses. Vasc-Alert uses a variety of data points, including blood flow rates, venous and arterial pressures, and trends over time to identify patients with vascular accesses that are at risk of thrombosis.
  • Prioritizing patients for timely referrals. Vasc-Alert’s access risk score helps prioritize patients based on the severity of their vascular access issues and the likelihood of thrombosis. This allows care givers to focus their attention on the patients who need it most.
  • Providing actionable data to guide treatment decisions. Along with the access risk score, Vasc-Alert provides detailed data on each patient's vascular access. This data helps me to make informed decisions about the best course of treatment for each patient.

Here are some specific examples of how Vasc-Alert can help provide the right care at the right time:

  • If a patient's vascular access is showing signs of stenosis, Vasc-Alert reports can alert you to these priority patients so that the patient can be referred for further evaluation and potential intervention. These proactive referrals allow treatment earlier and can help to prevent thrombosis and keep the patient's vascular access open.
  • If a patient's vascular access is not functioning well, Vasc-Alert surveillance data can help identify clinical indicators. This information can help develop a treatment plan to get the patient's vascular access evaluated and functioning properly again.
  • Vasc-Alert can also help me to monitor the effectiveness of treatment interventions. For example, if a patient has an intervention performed, reviewing their Vasc-Alert surveillance data post procedure can help dialysis care givers to know if the procedure was successful or if there are continued problems.

Overall, Vasc-Alert is a valuable tool that can help to provide more timely care to patients whose vascular accesses have indicators of potential complication. Proactive management of patients' vascular access can help to prevent thrombosis, extend the life of vascular accesses, and improve patient outcomes.