Supporting the Patient Care Team for Improving Outcomes Resources and efficacy studies of the Vasc-Alert solution

Vasc-Alert Solutions for Comprehensive Patient Care

When an AV access is no longer functioning well, a referral for an intervention is the standard procedure. The challenge for clinical staff is knowing which patients need a referral and when to refer them. By testing the access for patency, a surveillance device can help staff identify at-risk patients. Because Vasc-Alert is data-driven, it can test the access with every treatment, not only identifying patients at risk, but also prioritizing them based on trends, allowing staff to make timely referrals.

One question is how accurate Vasc-Alert is in determining patients at risk for access complications? The other question is how easy is Vasc-Alert to use in a dialysis facility? To address these questions, please review the following published studies and references.

Published Studies

Published studies and analysis that supports the efficacy of Vasc-Alert.


Videos of basic and clinical information about Vasc-Alert.