The Management

Larry Day, Chairman & CEO

Larry Day, Chairman & CEO

Larry is highly experienced in the dialysis sector. He is an expert in the area of dialysis and nephrology business management and patient services. Larry specializes in dialysis industry earnings, products, reimbursement, capitation, value-based nephrology, and clinical areas. He also has over 45 years of experience in the chronic kidney disease (“CKD”) segment.

Mr. Day created and ran a large consulting practice and conducted seminars for over 20 years. He now partners with nephrologists as the owner-operator of dialysis units in four states. He is active in industry dynamics, renal politics, healthcare reform, Special Needs Plans (“SNP”) development and Disease Management.


Douglas Curry, Vice-President

Douglas Curry, Vice-President

Douglas Curry is the Vice President and co-founder of Vasc-Alert, LLC and has a passion for early-stage technology-based companies. Prior to co-founding Vasc-Alert, Doug was the Manager of IT related technologies at a business incubator program affiliated with multiple major universities and Federal Labs. His efforts resulted in several new companies being started and funded.

Previous career assignments include serving as product manager; sales manager; operation manager for an engineering services company to Fortune 500 companies. Development of digital curriculum and testing application company sold to McGraw Hill publishing. Doug is an active mentor for individuals who are thinking of starting a company that is data-driven technology-based.


DeLynn Huff, Senior Clinical Specialist

DeLynn Huff BS, RN, CNN, Senior Clinical Specialist

DeLynn Huff BS, RN, CNN, Senior Clinical Specialist, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition Science with minors in Biology and Psychology from Indiana University and an Associate of Science in Nursing degree from Marian University in Indianapolis. She has been working with dialysis patients since 1993. She obtained her certification in Nephrology Nursing (CNN) in 1999. She has held staff nursing, education and management positions and has continuously worked in the renal setting including outpatient dialysis, acute dialysis and in-home assisted dialysis during her career.

She has been a Clinical Specialist with Vasc-Alert since 2005, where she has been able to help clinicians throughout North America and the UK use surveillance reports to help care for and manage their patients’ accesses. She also continues to keep her hand in direct patient care by working in correctional dialysis a couple of days per month.


Michelle Brigham, Clinical Specialist

Michelle Brigham BSN, RN, Clinical Specialist

Michelle is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. She began her medical career in the Intensive Care Unit where she was introduced to caring for patients with renal failure. She now has more than 20 years working in the renal community having held many roles: charge nurse, vascular access manger, anemia manager, regional educator, interim facility manager, among others. As regional educator she was responsible for providing content and organizing testing for all existing and new patient care technicians following the release of the federal government mandate that all technicians must be certified. Following the release of the Conditions for Coverage in 2006, she participated on an audit team that traveled to facilities to assess and ensure they were prepared for surveys. In this role she assisted with writing of policies and procedures and the opening of new dialysis facilities.

Michelle has been with Vasc-Alert for 10 years and is passionate about being able to continue educating staff and providers in the dialysis community about efficient workflows for vascular access management and maintaining the health of their patients’ dialysis accesses — their lifeline to treatment and the best outcomes.